Bond Dispensers 5-Pack
Bond Sanitizer EDC
Bond Sanitizer EDC
Bond Sanitizer EDC
Bond Sanitizer EDC
Bond Sanitizer EDC

5-Pack Bond Dispensers


Get Bond for the whole family and save $35. Always at your side, a personal sanitization that allows for the most effective way of reducing the spread of infectious particles. Made with 100% recyclable materials, it uses less plastic than a water bottle.

Easy to use. Always nearby. Refillable. Leak-free. Eco-friendly.

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*Dispenser does not come pre-filled with sanitizer

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Ordered 5 pack, received 3. Bigger problem is customer support being unreachable for weeks.

I am shipping this item to the EU, first I contacted them if they have an option to ship to the EU, they did not respond. Then I actually ordered to the US and used a parcel forwarder ( to ship to the EU because I like the item that much. Ordered the items, no confirmation for days up until I message them, they ship out the item the next day, though they give me no email response. All fine, right, things do happen.

MyUS opens up packages and lists the item contents, I see 3 plastic items listed by them. I request a paid photo, they sent me basically three photos of the unboxing process when they scanned the package, 3 items again.

It's been 2 weeks since the items arrived, sent 3 emails, no reply. I actually never spoke to anyone at Bond.

I will attach photos with proof, lest this goes live, which I doubt, my review has some merit. You know the joke when Amazon asks you for a photo to send a picture of your missing items and you can't really sent much? Well in this case, as I used the top shipping forwarder in the US, I actually can send photos of the missing items.

Great Product!

This is a great product for business meetings and traveling. Super easy to use even between handshaking with multiple people. Great idea and great execution.

Highly recommended

With all that's going on around the world right now, having hand sanitizer is a must. I love this product because it's easily accessible and you can use it at any time. Being able to have it right on you is wonderful. That means whenever I need some sanitizer, I can get it. I would highly recommend this product so that you can access sanitizer whenever you need to.

Esther Cohen
I love our bond sanitizers!!

Got one for the whole family and now we're off- back to school, back to work and best of all... back to shopping!!
Thank you for this Clever and innovative idea and for making it a reality!!

Stacey M.
Super easy to use

Bond is super easy to use, and when you're not using it, you barely notice it. When you have to touch a doorknob or elevator button, there's no question that having this product at your side would give you tremendous peace of mind. I love that I don't even need to open a cap.

Healthcare Worker Bling

I saw the bond sanitizer when I was watching a youtube with friends. I always carry a sanitzer around, sometimes I had attached it to my stethoscope or to the button loop on my coat. This however is a sleek sanitizer. White goes well and hides into the white coat. The only issue I have is the back does not allow too thick of a material to get through, I worry about breaking it. If the item is tilted it will have a harder time getting out santizer if not pointing down. It's definitely better than opening and closing a santizer regularly tho. I also bought a few for my across chest bag which it's perfect for while traveling. Recommend!

carmen graham
Not as easy as it looks.

The product and concept is great , however you have to press really hard for the sanitizer to come out .. so people with arthritis, ( i have mild arthritis) will not be able to use this... no way it comes out as easy as the video shows.. i ordered the five pack and all of them worked the same! Wish it was as easy as it looks, but unfortunately its not, thats only reason i gave it 4 stars!

Love These

Saw these on line and thought they'd be great for my family. Especially since we all work in healthcare. We are all so pleased, work well with our scrubs and ready when needed.

Great product

Amazing product. Really useful at work. I dont have to look for a sanitizer.

Rebecca Montgomery
Love the product

I truly love these!! I would love to be able to sell them in my office. If there is a way to buy quite a few at a wholesale price? These are awesome all of my massage therapists are wearing them now.

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